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Finance Manager needed at Adexen

Adexen is a well known recruitment & HR consulting firm in Europe and Africa. Our consultants and staff bring wealth of experience to help companies to find and retain talents.

Our client is a global dredging company with extensive expertise in port construction, flood defense work, project management and maritime terminal services.

Job description

  • Responsible for the full financial management function within the division
  • Cost analysis
  • Implementation of accounting policies
  • Manage and analyse budgets
  • Analyse monthly liquidity planning and ensure action is taken
  • Check and discuss financial reports at board level
  • Manage finance teams across projects within the area
  • Small/lower-complex area
  • Work independently; end results are being reviewed at board level
  • Evaluate request for purchase of suppliers, equipment and services to determine appropriate procurement method
  • Liaise with suppliers, sub-contractors, and site/contract managers
  • Acquire best prices to place orders for materials required on site
  • Ensure profit and productivity improvement through decreasing costs, ensuring consistent pricing, business simplification and consolidation of field office and backroom operations.
  • Ensure effective revenue management through implementing proper financial systems and controls for managing revenue and billing.
  • Ensure cash flow management through income analysis and expense analysis, accurate forecasting and cash flow planning and monitoring.
  • Achieving accounting operational objectives by contributing accounting information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; resolving problems; identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change
  • Maintaining accounting controls by establishing a chart of accounts; defining accounting policies and procedures;
  • Coordinating and Guiding other departments by researching and interpreting accounting policy; applying observations and recommendations to operational issues
  • A University degree in Accounting
  • Minimum of 10 years work experience in a similar company or industry.
  • Management and supervisory skills.
  • Basic IT Skill , Hands on ERP
  • Team building skills.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Effective verbal, presentation and listening communications skills
  • Effective written communications skills
How to Apply: Click HERE


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